Wednesday, January 30, 2008


spotted these two lost goats along banilad road on my way home. they were like brothers whose itinerary might have misplaced by their owners. i would smile to see goats in the fields, or even in IT park but along the highway? that's cruel.

i couldn't help but to take picture of them. it might be an adventure in their part, no one knows. so let me capture their "moment". i got this in my photo files in a while. as i keep on scrolling and review this picture, it seems it's speaking to me.

i felt i were them. i felt I'm also lost in this chaotic world I'm trying to exist. it might be a surge of temporal confusion i might say. but now, i felt misplaced---but i'm trying to enjoy it.. like a bee trying to gather minute nectar from a crazy looking flower or in the situation of these goats, they might be so excited to go home and tell their kins how magnificent the city is but its actually nothing compared to their home field.

all i have to do is wait. wait and follow the current where it suppose to go. As the character Corporal Honda (wind-up bird chronicle; murakami) state his Nomonhan experience: "when you're supposed to go up, find the highest tower and climb up to the top. when you're suppose to go down , find the deepest well and go down to the bottom. when there's no flow, stay still. if u resist the flow, everything dries up. if everything dries up, the world is darkness."

i know somewhere, there's a greener pasture out there..

for sure.

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