Tuesday, February 26, 2008

another shot puhlease...

every once in awhile, i get drunk.

drinking for me is a matter of a need to take some shots and the occasion that it calls for. i have that usual itch to grab the shot glass and take my turn in a circle of
"tagay-tagay". there are also times when, i rather let the ice dilute my alcoholic concoction. But these occasions usually leads me to get drunk.

my threshold for my tolerance for alcohol (let say by taking it in less than an hour sitting) would be estimated by the following proportions of these beverages:

3 stallion of red horse = tipsy
1.5 liter of red horse = wasted and vomiting
1/2 pitcher of strawberry margarita = tipsy
1/2 pitcher of strawberry margarita and 1 set of red horse = wasted and vomiting
3 shots of rum coke = tipsy
1/2 l
apad of tanduay with no chaser = drunk
5 shots of dry gin with lime = drunk

---something like that. and just like anybody else, i go nuts when i'm drunk. although i really tried to be sober at first but given with cool company and cool atmosphere, i get wild sometimes. i remember one crazy night when i strip tease to a disco club. i was around 15 by then and i saw my crush dancing with a girl. and so to catch his attention, i unzip my fly and tried to expose a bit of my muffiny butt and feel the music. and so then my friends told me that everybody in the dance floor is looking at it---shock! so i grab my pants up. yayks! when i woke up the next day, remembering it turns my face blue due to embarrassment. tsk! tsk!

there was also one time at a beach party, when most of the guys are half naked. my sexual hormones rise up as i could feel the alcohol drown my conscious mind. i spot this guy whose hunk enough to keep your eyes open for hours without blinking and do the dirty dancing with him. it comes to point that i trace his bumps then move much closer to him until i could smell his body, moist with masculinity. he was sizzling like hell . and to quench my fleshly desires i lick his huge biceps unto his contoured chest and finally spot his taut nipples. and all of the sudden we are bathed with the spotlight and we became visible to every partyphile. as if a cold water splashed into our body, he repelled and try to get lost with the crazy crowd. i don't know if it was because of the light that scared him off or is it because it dawned to him that he's frolicking with a another "man". ohhh no. tsk2x, that time, i searched around for another shot.

mostly i wake up all by myself complaining with a hangover. there are times when i'm in somebody else's place. no i haven't woke up with a guy naked and wondering if we had sex or not. sorry, i haven't experienced that "sex in the city" drama yet. but i have alot of experiences waking up by the seashore.

i love getting drunk by the beach, it is less intoxicating. unlike in a bar wherein you'll suffocate with cigarette smoke filled room which makes your eyes burn and teary. when you're by the shore, you could see the moon with such clarity and the stars will swirl around her. its like a humongous disco light. then you could run until you fly and then you could dance with the waves. after you got knock off and when you wake up the next day, the hangover is less severe. and you'll never swear to yourself: "i'll never drink again"...

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