Tuesday, February 05, 2008

freedom day

four years had passed since i declared my first Freedom Day. since then it became a tradition or a reminder that once i acknowledge those nonsense confusion I've been through and shrug it all off.

i can't believe it's been almost a half decade since i had that turning point. i admit i had had an experience of identity crises, shaky self esteem and being doubtful of my ability. with all the support of my new found colleagues and friends around me at that time, they able to encourage me to become who i am suppose to be as they change my perspective in how should i look my life, and I'm just quite amazed how i able to overcome such self inflected issue.

looking back, i just can't resist opening my previous notes from my friends. and just smile every time i remembered all those silly moments I've been through. nonetheless, I'm more than grateful for those years since it made me a better person than i could ever think of.

let there be FREEDOM.

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