Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gugma sa Leapyear (RED BRAIN perspective)

RED BRAIN when was the last time when the five of us had a group picture? -'twas ages!

Finally, the five of us reunite as we take part for WILA's "Gugma sa Leap Year".

Vera and Chai who are WILA (women in literary arts) fellows, read their pieces as well as they perform for the event. Yen covers the literary rendezvous as she bring along her colleagues from ABS. While Me and Russ do separate opening solo performance to spark up the platform.

We were tapped by WILA core member and acting main organizer: Bambi Beltran and we are glad that somehow due to this event, the five of us were combined together.

We had a lot of great moments that night and certainly had a blast!

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Chai said...

Hi Ley.

you haven't seen my kurdapya page, i suppose. :)

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