Tuesday, February 26, 2008

of classroom key and a close encounter with a well

one of the earliest memory of being responsible is when i was in my 5th grade. since i always garner the title: early bird, i was assigned to keep our classroom key. So i am expected to be in the class as early as possible and let nobody waiting outside. one morning, i wake up so late that i hurry to take a bath and fix myself to go to school. surely, my classmates are waiting outside and worse, if my teacher is among them.

our water system in our town is not as sophisticated as the developed urban areas. so we don't have faucet to gather water, instead we have man dug traditional wells. we have our own personal well by the backyard and i hurriedly place my toiletries. i usually hear the echo of my own voice each time i fetch some water or try to peek through my own reflection. but at that time, i just let the bucket filled with water and try to pull the string that connects to it and pour the water into my pail. the string usually have knots so that it is easier to lift the bucket up.

the gurgling sound due to the impact of the bucket reverberates through the dark chamber of the well. the pail is about half full when i realize that the string is too short (due to too many knots) that i need to lower my body slightly for me to get some more water. Unfortunately, when i'm about to raise the bucket, i stepped unto my soap dish and the weight of the water filled bucket pulls me into the well.


i could still remember the sight of the bottom of the well getting closer to my face. i bump into it head first. it was pit dark and i could feel gush of water flowing through my ears. all those times, i thought the water in the well is just static. that it comes clear naturally. but underneath is a current of underground water.

getting out of the well is much horrible when the time i crashed into it. i remember the mossy wall and the choking tunnel like space. i felt like an ant trapped in an ignored used tumbler. it might be the reason why i'm quite claustrophobic due to that trauma. thinking i just survived a spine tingling accident.

after that close encounter with a well, i still manage to go to school with alot of bondages on my head. talking about punctuality...

what the heck!

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