Wednesday, February 20, 2008

what it feels like for a gurl..

Androgyny has always been and always be surprises mass media.

Viva Glam has Boy George as one of the endorser of their cosmetic product. in films, John Travolta had wowed the audience for his portrayal as one of the character in the movie "hairspray". then just recently a bearded muse became one of the interviewer in New York fashion week and even commended by Tyra Banks in her show.

Even long ago, the need for male performers to be versatile are very much needed and does require mature audience to see things not just "as it is" but also to try to think outside the box. theater actors portrait woman's character and mostly taken such admiration in Shakespearean acts . Sagi Musume (Heron Maiden), one of the several famous kabuki performance in Japan, mostly was even played by one of the best male performer Tamasaburo.

It always challenge me to merge two roles at the same time and completely get out of the concept of effeminacy or masculinity. i want this provocative aura each time i present myself with people specially in a performance. it might be because I'm gay and always wondering "what if I'm a girl" that leads me to venture on cross dressing. But it is actually the love to perform, the love to act and the passion to dance that made me venture in so many roles and images as i do my presentation.

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