Monday, March 31, 2008


seated near the railing, i usually have this infinite view of the shore from the top of the ship. at this moment nothing could blind me of what i perceive as absolute unwinding... i like it when the salty breeze dampens my cheeks as i also have the warm kiss of the sun. splashes of swirling water drown all those weary thoughts. that certain muffled sound of the waves seems to whisper me with comfort and assurance that everything will fall into place.

at this moment, i usually raise my arm, bend my spine fo
r a good stretch and smile.

i officially declared "summer" when my team mates in my previous company had our "team GA" in Corduva, it was March 1. I'm about to start my training for my new account in a new company while my former colleagues also have this reassignment for either a different split or a new account still within their recent company. it is indeed a transition that I'm very much aware of.

summer in Cebu is definitely scorching hot. plus the overpass
ss project in Banilad makes the traffic from Talamban to Banila
d a pain in the ass. and there's no way i can get away from it, for sure this will be an ongoing issue until this overpass is done---which might take a year! (mygod i need a new lodging house)

as of the moment, i need an escapade. summer in the city is a complete torture (unless you take refuge in the mall or would only go out during night time a
nd do bar hopping)

i manage to pack some of my things up and seek shade in Danao with Julio. There i could escape the summer heat and be in the heart of urban living.
I love it when i wake up in the morning and cook meals for everyone. For that Rachael Ray or Martha Stewart is constantly on the TV screen. I tend the garden. do usual household chores and sometimes baby sit for my "inanak". Plus with cable network connection and internet access, i guess I'll be sane here.


Holy Week came and i found myself traveling with Chai towards Bantayan. we go there with a bag packed filled with mission, uncertainty and excitement. We were picked by Bambi to help them with their movie project which features the traditional procession and the St. Peter's Basilica as the main setting.

i rub
elbows with the main casts and the director whom i had an awesome time with. We always have this post work bonding session at the Kermit's where they serve chill treats and pastries. We were also had joined the Escario's with their kumbira since the first family of Bantayan proper acknowledge the project.

We have done alot of crazy stuff and party like there's no more tomorrow. we get drunk by the beach. rock with Urbandub. get wet and wild at the Pump's disco den. scherzo dances as we plunge into the refreshing water at sugar beach where the water was bombarded with laser lights and cool hypnotizing music. it was a blast to the extent we even do a sort of synchronized swimming.

again, it was crazy.

Chai and i were also blessed with wonderful accommodation. it might be one of her wishes that was answered during her first visit in Danao church, where we meet before heading toward Bantayan. We stayed at a private resort owned by Bambi's sister. It is located just beside Hoyohoy's beach resort. The three of us, (Bambi, Chai and I) also perform for their annual family get together.

The resort is definitely amazing. it's like traditional bahay kubo meets modern architecture. kudos to the designer who happen to be one of Bambi's sister. i love sipping my earl grey aromatic tea while reading "Kafka on the Shore" by Murakami on the patio which have this "Starbucks" by the sea ambiance..

sigh, if only i could extend this for some more days..

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