Sunday, March 09, 2008

"i see who you are"

I see who you are
Behind the skin
And the muscles

I see who you are, now
And when you get older later

I will see the same girl
The same soul
Lioness, fireheart
Passionate lover

And afterwards
Later this century
When you and I have become corpses

Let's celebrate now all this flesh on our bones
Let me push you up against me tightly
And enjoy every bit of you

I see who you are


i always visualize two lost individuals every time i listen to this song and my germinating idea on mind is that these two individuals try to find their inner light just to find it out that the catalyst is from their significant others and thus they become one identity, a luminous cohesive couple. It is not necessary a straight couple. I even toyed a music video of this one since in the album Volta, only 3 tracks (Earth Intruders, Innocence, and Declare Independence) already have an official video. One is upcoming though which will be premiered this March 13th in New York and that is "Wanderlust". I'm imagining two couples in the dark. and their inner glow made them find and know each other.

Originally i think about two lesbian couple. just like in "all is full of love" video. But anyway i rather share the details in between sips of coffee since it might consume my whole night writing about it. (smiles)

i got this picture taken in Catmon. Showing Chai and JC as we did our pictorial in the middle of full moon night. I use Gimp 2.4.4 photo editor.


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