Wednesday, April 09, 2008

keeping the tradition

today, i want to be in a place i've never been to yet.

the first few minutes after the clock hits midnight, i was catering to a pseudo customer who needs to change her billing address on her account. I assist her with glee, each words that comes from my mouth send assurance across the airwaves.

when i'm done done with today's work i finally decided to keep the tradition. the year before last year, i was in Olanggo. then just a year ago, i went to Malapascua. Now i want to go to Sipaway island. It is an island located just nearby San Carlos Port in Negros Occidental---located on the western coast of the country.

On my way to the south bus terminal, i pass by Cebu Doctor's hospital and have the urge to go there just to peek on their nursery section. i saw bunch of newly born babies. My eyes were drawn to a baby boy who was born just on the crack of dawn on this day, April 09 2008. Reading the tag on the sterilized crib, his name is Ochea.

Afterwards i passed by at the Basilica Sto. NiƱo and marvel the old church's grandiosity. the newly woke up sun licking its humongous wall turning the edifice a glowing spiritual monument.
it's just magnificent when u get inside the church you have this floating feeling as if your walking into a higher dimension. i proceed to the annex where u could see the famous little child icon on His reign. Forever smiling. I later then went outside to the patio and light up some candles and murmur my prayers.

The moment i arrived at the south terminal, i settled on a bus bound to Toledo. The travel from Cebu City to Toledo would take around 2 hours and will cost you Php60.00. The operation manager attached a TV and a DVD player inside the vehicle for the intention to keep the passengers from getting bored. Well, i am greatly annoyed. They're showing a war movie and the their speakers are too loud. So imagine hows the effect of each bullet and grenade that explodes. As much as i want to deviate my attention, i couldn't keep my eyes on the American soldier who starred in the movie who happened to be so darn hot. So there goes my sexual fantasy, as bumpy as the road we pass by.

Finally, we arrived in Toledo. I scored a vessel ticket bound to San Carlos. Too tired and sleepy, i dozed off while on board. The bustling of the passengers who can't wait to get out wake me up. So i'm officially here in San Carlos. I could hear most people speak in Hiligaynon. I asked a tanned ship crew when will be the last trip way back to Toledo. And i also tried to speak with the locals on how to go around the area. I even found myself pressed to speak in Tagalog since most locals speak in Tagalog when i tried to speak in Cebuano... ahh ok.

Now, i got the whole place to explore. Sipaway, the island that i would like to go to is just nearby. It is around 10-15 minutes boat ride from the wharf. I'm very enthusiastic to go around places and would love the idea of staying for days. However, due to time constraint (for the fact that i still have to work later this night) that plan is improbable. Plus, my facilitator's threatening voice keeps on ringing on my head during the first few days of training keep on ringing on my head: "You can't afford to be absent nor be late. It will certainly lead to termination"

that very notion cringes me.

Unfortunately, i stayed in a place-i've-never-been-to last just for a few minutes and have no other choice but to go back. The ship crew just sway his head when he have me as a passenger again as i wrote my name in the passenger's manifesto going back to Cebu. Atleast, my first mission has been accomplished.

making my way back to the city makes me feel like forfeited. I tried to cheer myself up but i was totally consumed with disappointment, just like the mountains outside my bus window being swallowed by the advancing dusk. the sunset already passed its prime, from splashing power red on the sky to washing it to melancholic purple. flock of birds chirping their way to their nest. i feel tiny drizzle drops on my skin. they are so minute that it seems to be confused where to fall. and the last images that i could recall is the scene when i pass by some fading shores, i was thinking that they're giving up their luminosity for the meantime so they could glow back the next day.


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