Saturday, April 26, 2008

ug sa dihang nangabasa'

I just stayed in my room for a good couple of minutes (from two day domestic life in Danao) when my phone screamed and Russ, whose on the other line, told me they are heading North. Russ has his random urge to go any place again, and Vera and Chai are already tagging along with this spur of the moment escapade. Ok, so I asked where?

and Russ told me they're heading North, to Danao.

I just came there and I'm slightly exhausted from the trip. But I can't erase the idea of missing the moment with them, so without a trace of hesitation in my voice i flash the green light.

Ok go. Fine..

We are like little children who went out for a trip without any plans in mind. One thing that excites us is the beach. since its quite a moonless night and the place could be deserted, to dare for skinny dipping is a must. We can't wait to plunge into the dark water. But our anticipation were drenched as heavy rain drowned the entire region. Even though we are still miles away from our destination, we are already beaten wet.

It is like a declaration that summer is about to end, since the dusty road now turns into a muddy highway. Once we step foot in Danao, we hurriedly took shelter to a already closed resort. With guilt, we trespassed the place and stayed in one of the cottages. yayks!

the place that surrounds us is quite dark, we only have a glimpse of it each time a lightning flashes across the unseen sky. The cottage is quite inviting and we stayed there for the night. talking, laughing, being scared with passing strangers, getting cold, listening to the rain, sleeping, aimlessly wondering about our own arbitrary thoughts, sleeping side by side on a table but no skinny dipping.

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