Wednesday, June 18, 2008

until, my recent orgasm (yes, it was) i came up with an idea.

I have been tagged. The rule is to list ten random facts about one's self and to tag ten others to do the same. it's been more than a month since i was looped with this literary scheme chain but i have a hard time coming up with something to write.i had read quite a lot of "i-have-been-tagged-entries" from random bloggers to my close friend's blogspot. for that, i already have this notion (once you were tagged) of writing something you haven't tell the world about yet or any peculiar events in your subconscious or waking hours. i give that a thought but i guess, i'm quite verbal about the inner side of me and i also wrote any peculiar moments that i had. So i found myself pondering what to write.

until, just my recent orgasm (yes, it was) i came up with an idea.

how about writing something i'm very much intimate at the same time secretive about.
something i can't dare talk randomly to any random person. so i'm going to write about my

this might be very vulgar, but i think i'm brave enough to go on with this post. First, i
honestly keep on thinking about sex. Given a pie chart about my brain activity. I got 10%
thinking about work, 10% about my future plans, 10% about my passions and aspirations,
another 30% about random rationalizations and 40% about sex.

and it so strange I'm not writing about it and not talking so much about it. so let me have
these 10 random guide questions to fully expound this matter:

who was your first sex and how young are you at that time: a 6 footer, 25 year old policeman
and i was 15

what makes sex interesting: i'm able to know more and explore more about the person through sex.. It's like exploring a different planet when you suddenly collide and experience the big O.

so far, what are the professions you already have hooked-up with (worth enumerating): a barista, a designer, a film director, medical rep, doctor, supervisor and a gym instructor.

tendencies: versatile, but more likely to be a fucking bottom

preferred positions: the basics; i love the missionary position, but i get horny with the
doggie style. (tehee)

type: tall, medium to chunky to moderately chubby body built (haha!), i like skinny heads or
with clean /prim hairstyle and of course with phD (read as in gay lingo: pretty huge d***)

fetishes: beer belly, clean yummy sexy armpits, black briefs.

out of this world sexcapade: i met this bisexual guy whose girlfriend is a swimming
instructor (where i usually swim, uhuh!) and he brought me to a resort on top of the
mountain for a date. we settled on a cottage hidden along the narrow pathway to the cliff.
with nothing else to say, i rub his back as he kept on looking at the cityscape. all of the
sudden he grasp my hand and pull me into a hungry kiss. we make love by the cliff. my world
literally went upside down as he lay me down on the picnic table, entered me crazily to the
core, and had a synchronized trance.

something funny: a drinking buddy from davao, keeps on nagging me about finding a "chix" (an attractive lady) while we drown ourselves with tons of booze. the moment we're fucking drunk, he ends up getting me laid in an inn. I'm a tight ass so i can't be screwed without any lube, so i try to find my emergency sachet in my bag. the room is dim (as it usually is) so i try to fish inside my bag for the lubricating jelly. i finally grab something that
feels like a sachet, so i squeeze it out and apply it on my partners d***. He screwed me up
with his tool but before we get into moderate pace, i find my a** burning hot, i turn on the
light and found out that the sachet is an anti-dandruff menthol shampoo. i abstain having
sex for more than a week since then.

how about something special: of course, to my loving boyfriend (to whom i'm committed almost two years now) "pa-safe" haha! he went to a seminary for his board exam in an in-house review. It's been almost a month since we haven't make love at that time so we can't do "something" until he goes out of the seminary. finally, once the review is over and the
board exam went through, we lit candles in the room, filled it with aroma (eucalyptus
essential oil). and we had a frenzy sex on the floor.


right now, i'm still not sure about my 10 others to get tagged. I'll just keep my list open. Until then, i'll just update this post.

Monday, June 16, 2008

ultimate knock downer

message history

you've exchanged the following messages with just$^#^ - note that only messages that have not been deleted or deleted in the last 5 days are shown:
16 Jun 2008, 06:33

liyo: hi my big crush..


just$^#^: hello still awake at this time?

liyo: yeah, since i just newly woke up..

how 'bout ur case? haven't had any sleep yet?

just$^#^: my dear di pa ako inantok 4 hours diffence kasi eh

liyo: hmn ok.. that figures.. well, i hope getting some sleep won't be a struggle for u.. hehe, i know how pestering it is..

if u have some problem with that, i wish i could give u a soothing massage, so u could sleep easily.. hahaha

gud day to u mr.

just$^#^: are you a good masseur? i have troubles in sleeping

liyo: i could say: "i am a good masseur"


hmn, there might be a lot of factors that could caused u sleeping problem..
and mind u, there's also a lot of remedy for that too..

haha.. nice sunny day outside.. i wanna go swimming..

just$^#^: and what particular remedies for that pls tell me

liyo: those could be:

**sipping a chamomile tea (w/c is pathetic yet effective)
**drinking a full bottle of wine with me.. hehe
***try to make ur room darker than usual, turn the temp low, then spritz some aroma in ur room (aroma oil, incense, etc)
***swim 40 lapse in a 100m pool

or have a tedious fuck then a good massage afterwards---that's the ultimate knock downer..

there u go.. =)

just$^#^: thanks my dear...dapat may consultation fee ako sa iyo...hhehehh whats ur name? ---$^#^ here

liyo: liyo

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