Monday, June 16, 2008

ultimate knock downer

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16 Jun 2008, 06:33

liyo: hi my big crush..


just$^#^: hello still awake at this time?

liyo: yeah, since i just newly woke up..

how 'bout ur case? haven't had any sleep yet?

just$^#^: my dear di pa ako inantok 4 hours diffence kasi eh

liyo: hmn ok.. that figures.. well, i hope getting some sleep won't be a struggle for u.. hehe, i know how pestering it is..

if u have some problem with that, i wish i could give u a soothing massage, so u could sleep easily.. hahaha

gud day to u mr.

just$^#^: are you a good masseur? i have troubles in sleeping

liyo: i could say: "i am a good masseur"


hmn, there might be a lot of factors that could caused u sleeping problem..
and mind u, there's also a lot of remedy for that too..

haha.. nice sunny day outside.. i wanna go swimming..

just$^#^: and what particular remedies for that pls tell me

liyo: those could be:

**sipping a chamomile tea (w/c is pathetic yet effective)
**drinking a full bottle of wine with me.. hehe
***try to make ur room darker than usual, turn the temp low, then spritz some aroma in ur room (aroma oil, incense, etc)
***swim 40 lapse in a 100m pool

or have a tedious fuck then a good massage afterwards---that's the ultimate knock downer..

there u go.. =)

just$^#^: thanks my dear...dapat may consultation fee ako sa iyo...hhehehh whats ur name? ---$^#^ here

liyo: liyo

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