Sunday, July 06, 2008

back to zero

i munch codes and numbers every day.

i got to type my passwords everyday and change them once in every 45 days before i could access my online tools. I got to deal with billing disputes from my beloved customers and calculate their balances that are long due. i memorized all the pricing and discounts together with the proper codes that need to be attached to apply the necessary features. i'm quite familiar with my own monthly bills too and billing statements. I'm an artist in my own little way but i do believe I'm also good in math.

i could digest all of the numbers but this one choke me up:

i lost my phone number.

i got it with me for four years. four years worth of contacts and four years worth of treasured messages. at first i thought, its just another number. but every time i reload my airtime minutes, it took me a moment to jot down the number, i need to grab my phone and search for it. if somebody asked me what's my contact number---i just grimace and ask their numbers instead just not to prolong the agony. I can't imagine how many messages that was intended to be sent to my inbox will get lost in mid air. its like going back to being mediocre agent and not able to read through the matrix... instead of finding meaning i only see series of 0's and 1's. lost in a broad weave of modern communication---it's going back to zero.

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