Sunday, July 06, 2008


i thought beaches are sizzling only for the month of March, April then MAy.. But we had our Company GA at MAribago Blue Waters just this early June. Ok fine, whatever. so i went and savored the moment.. click here are some of the snippets..


i really don't know if i could consider myself as an escapist. i also need further self evaluation to measure how serious i am on dealing with my personal issues. But i usually do spur of the moments just to break of from routinary living.

* last May 31. just to end the month, i went midtown on my lunch break at work. Had my hair done, grab an ice cream and went window shopping in a span of three hours---without my supervisor knowing it. i get the best laugh when i returned to my station.

*I'm suppose to wait my turn in a certain diner, the server was so freaking slow. while she bustle around the kitchen and had her daily buzz, i munch on their pika-pika (servings of lumpia shanghai, chicken lollipop and a piece of brownies). when she come back and i payed my order, i gave her a warm smile as i told her "keep the change"

*i had this spanish/german/filipino crush not so long time ago. we sort of date before. but now, he got a new boyfriend. one time while strolling at SM northwing, i got a sight of them together. first i just shrug it off and smile as they passed me by, then my cool faded as my inner triumph vanished. i hide to a nearest establishment and it so happen it's a "dollar restaurant". i feast myself on a piece of cake which cost 1 week worth of fare allowance. darn!

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