Thursday, September 18, 2008

After Dark (murakami)

Quite nocturnal, i just find it hard to sleep at night. I'm much comfortable when the sun comes down, it would be less hot and the world seems to be much peaceful. as much as i hate being stuck in a traffic jam, i hate walking along dusty road. that's why i like walking alone at midnight (even until dawn). streets are always barren and cold at that time.

it's the time when the puff of smoke from my cigarette turns into a mini cloud and it trembles with its own lightning. It's the time when lamp posts talk with their own shadows. When goats, after a whole day of munching grass, will find its way to trash bins and eat garbage. It's also a time when stray cats try to ask you some stupid questions like: "where have all the fishes fallen when they rained down from the sky" with their nonchalant eyes when you passed them by. furthermore (according to a friend) when you remove the walls from all the houses around the neighborhood, you will see people lying in their sleep (most, if not all) like corpses in an overloaded morgue.

on top of all, midnight is is the best time for me to deviate from the chaotic strings of crowd on a usual daytime.

originally published in 2004, "After Dark" by Murakami, a book that reveals about alienation and social withdrawal. furthermore (as of personal point of view) it captures certain surreal moments when our ever wandering consciousness relentlessly evades our subconscious mind.

...half awake half asleep

A novel where mundane thoughts and banal happenings turn out to be fascinating, while some readers might find it mysterious or whimsical.

it's my 9th Murakami, I red handedly grabbed it from a book shop and have a plan to return it back one of these days.

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