Friday, October 10, 2008


yes, its undeniably the BER months.. it's gonna be cold, wet and slippery from our heart all the way to our feet but hopefully we will randomly bump to eachother, whatever circumstances we might gonna be under...

-a snippet from an email; addressed to agent banshee rabidcat, agent chocolate thundah and agent loudmouth virginamazon.

September 1-3

-struggling moments.. sigeg pangutang here and there
-but never asked help from my parents, call it pride or "prinsipyo" but i can't stomach becoming dependent to them
-keeping myself assured, i always tell to myself: "mahingkawas ra ko ani"
-its hard for me to sleep at night, i find myself walking along talamban area at midnight

September 5

-we had our last day of training with wave mates and i have a salo2x at the pantry
-i got the highest score with all of my assessments
-giggle with Jean, my new found friend here in the site
-we tell each other stories, we are now sort of bonded
-she call me bitch while i call her slut...and we call our wave mates as old farts---then we laugh it all off!

September 6

-harren and i had a long talk by the porch as i waited for chai and russ to arrive. we talked about our hometown (Gen San; Bantayan Is) and first heart aches.
-dance with chai at the balcony as we sang bjork's "possibly maybe"
-russ bought a stick of cig and the three of us take turns of puffing from it as we shared the cruelty of life
-nevertheless, we are still happy.
-the three of us eventually went to Paseo. We found there's no place for us there, we proceed to Mango.same case. we ride a cab home without saying a word. all of us were spacing out.

September 7

-it's a rainy sunday and i don't want to rot in my room all by myself. gone to russ' place and we had movie marathon. we watched these videos:

*monster's ball
*love actually
*wrist cutters

-the night grown deeper, russ and i have a long walk along banawa road.
-he had his dinner and after that we log-in to a "slut machine" and tried our luck. unfortunately, we went home saying: "way swerte!---but maybe one day we might grab the jackpot"
(you know what i'm pertaining about--so go figure it out)

September 8

-Julio visited me in my flat. He brought with him some goodies/pasalubong from the states (chocolates, canned goods, imported soaps, shirt and a hand bag)
-well, I'm grateful with my in-laws.. hehe

September 10

-my eternal crush' birthday
-republished "ode to the celebrant" in memory of him
-comfort myself with Julio's chocolates

September 16

-had my Berlitz Testing alone in a barren training room
-its quite strange talking with a stranger assessing your language proficiency over the phone. i wish we converse in German or in Spanish
-had a very long day and decided to go to Banawa to unwind. but there's nobody around. I only find sylvester (chai's cat) and kinshasha (a half labrador pup). i played with them for some time and rub their tummy before i left.
-i check my blogspot and i feel guilty with julio's message in my cbox that says: "how come?" (in response to my "august" post)

September 17

-I'm glad my last pay in my prev company is ready and could be released this friday!
-i hope its more than my expected amount
-can't wait for this financial breakthrough

September 19

-finally, i already claimed my last pay.
-and i can't help but overwhelmed with the amount since its much way too higher than i expected
-able to pay all of my dues: 3 months worth of bhaws rent, utang sa mga tao nya gilukat akong cellphone and set aside some emergency cash
-finally, nahingkawas na gyud tawn ko.

September 20

-early morn, i woke up with a weird dream***

-thanks for my long overdue "last pay" from my previous company, nahingkawas ko sa almost two months of financial coma (for being broke made me bedridden---literally!). -Then i became a heroine for "sylvester" from the treacherous hands of russ since i chose to be in banawa and watched elvis Presley (with a friend and villain) over staying in Casa EscaƱo in the midst of literary snubs (although it could have been with a friend) it just that I'm much comfortable with the former one. -Chai is in Davao, though she was with us in spirit, Vera, Russ and I bond over a set of beer. of which scenario led to vera's drunkenness and russ' sudden urge for women. haha

September 22

-27th monthsary namo ni Julio
-and i can remember how we spend the day by what we spent:

*280 two movie tickets "for the first time"
*80 munch
*100 bread talk
*90 dinner
*0.0 special bond

September 23

-processed my 1st ever health card in City Health
-also processed NBI clearance for passport
-tungod sa kainit ug nag-apas sa oras, nadakpan noon ko sa CITOM
-after few minutes of discourse, I'm able to win the officer's heart and let me go (phew! I'm spared for staying in a correction bus for 2 hours or paying the penalty fee)
-had a coffee moments with chai in JY
-she have for me a pasalubong from Cagayan
-i also able to pay her the 1000 pesos that i owe from her

September 26

-continuing a long kept tradition, i watched Cinema Europa
-able to watched "Children of the Moon" (Germany) and "Beauty in Trouble" (Czech Republic)

September 27

-the empress of Cheshire Cat's Birthday
-greet her first thing in the morning
-2nd day for the Cinema Europa Marathon, but unable to come over since we have an upcoming performance this day
-so instead of watching somebody else's fictitious life, Russ, Chai and I had our life's moments in Turtle's Nest where we had our performance night

September 28

-with Julio, we attend the last leg of Cinema Europa film festival this year
-we watched two movies: "Late bloomer" and "Vitus" both movies are from Switzerland

September 29-30

-in my room, reading a novel and smoking

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