Tuesday, December 30, 2008

bound stones

this is in reference to an unrequited, um love?

one faint dusk, of eastern shore. a man from the Hashinke Prefecture. paddle himself to the open sea and put weight by binding huge stones around his feet. after a sigh he threw himself to the water. he knows that he will be swallowed entirely by dark waters and might be eaten by wandering fishes when he rots. his eyes get blurry as he descended to the deep.
that moment, series of images came flashing in his mind. like the day that he's still a small child, the moment he have his first pet, when his mother scolded him for not finishing his cereal, tasted sea kelp for the first time and all those faces that in some moment in time he have met.

and then finally the image of his beloved appear on his fading mind. she was smiling. she's wearing her white lacy kimono and a single cherry blossom resting on the left side of her ear.
she would never be mine. the guy have concluded. and his last breath finally reach to an end and dark murky waters filled his lungs.

the next day, the sun just rise up as if it just remembered to woke up;
while Billie Holiday sang "as time goes by".

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