Thursday, December 18, 2008

queen of swords

my eyes wouldn't see
the tea stain that lingers on the brink of my cup
as she smiled and declared that my cards
are in favor with my fate.
it speaks so loud to me that night and very much pleased
that I let my query and inner self infused into its divinity.
I can still remember clearly the decks that showed up.
out of 9 major decks that I picked I can recall 8.
but then, as a usual twist of a wonderful plot
(as if to mock,)
there are some obstacles that I might encounter
a trap or an open manhole,
so dearest, be careful, be cautious not to fall
as sure enough, you will end up,
with an overflowing cup.

the tarot reader assured me;
you got the queen of swords,
you got what it takes
to overcome them all.

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