Monday, January 12, 2009


under the darkness of your hair
fluffy, cushiony, beckoning
whispering love poems across your dream

settling right before the head board
i could always be in your room, anticipating, waiting
waiting for you to come home

If only I have the skin to feel
i would shudder even with the slightest tinge of your embrace
so, what euphoria it is
to sense, to experience, to marvel
your cuddly chest
the moist of your lips
the warmth of your armpit
and have allowed to be pressed between your thighs

although, at most times i remain invisible
all i can do
is to soothe you---lull you to sleep
to make you sigh---for all the comfort I couldn't keep

see, so as for you to know
just wanting you to wake up next to me
each morning, each day
or just to be anything for you to wallow
makes me want to be your pillow

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