Tuesday, January 13, 2009

mother nature is ancient, two million years of waves

scaly walls of your fortress
guard the deepest secret of your core
labyrinthal vulva
encapsulating the hughest of warmth
rising, filling our cup to the brim
we sing praises for your whims
regurgitating the innards of our passion
spreading, lavishing the saccharine taste
of your cum
exploring your mouth
investigating your dental concave
ringing your tonsil
decoding the rivulets of your scream
ach nei? este mash?
c-c-ch-chreeesh neii ahh sie neesh
hahch tah ni krueee!
a butoh performance
a single step---ten thousand decades
palpable, the beauty of your decay
everlasting, from eternity to beyond
we summon the phoenix from your sands
relive, purify, sanctify
foetus style
vomit us back to our birth

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