Saturday, January 17, 2009

no further actions taken

the ambassador shook the house
hed kandi gurls
grooving on the ledge
1 bottle of beer please..
unplugging my earphones
on my 3rd cigarette
there you are
a stranger
a loner

a wink
a salute
ei there..

u got a nice black suit
oh yeah?
u got nice chest
d yah work out?
hmn yeah
whose with yah
just me and mah shadow
in the sea of crowd
it's getting late
and the sun would come up in a minute
wanna cum over at mah place
i already have a prince
oh yeah?
u see,
i've been tagged
read: reserved

a smile
a wink
repel, an honest move
and two souls
get lost in the sea of crowd

case closed,
no further actions taken

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