Wednesday, February 18, 2009

at 2am

my end of shift would always fall between 1am or 2am, depending if i came to work on time or late. but usually I'm fully awake around these times. even if its my day offs, my body clock can't seems to be modified.

what can you do in 2am? when most of the establishments are close, lesser public transportation, your close friends are snoring---and the heaviest scenario is that you are alone. its like on the TV series, The Twilight Zone. where there's a sense of hollowness, threatening and deep deep darkness. a vacuous dent in your waking life.

so i end up mulling things over and how to make these "vacuous" moments productive. i get tired of reading novels, youtubing or listening to DJ Franz on Y101 at these hours (although these are my post midnight habit i can't hardly break). eventually, i will slip my sneakers on and headed to the highway for a jog at 2am.

uhuh, at 2am.

the world is less polluted, roads are scarcely populated and peaceful. I feel lighter as a sly cat running under the moon. bomber man in bonus stage. a moving vertical line in a series of horizontals. although some insomniacs scratch their head when i pass them by. i could see through their bubble thought: "unsa na diay orasa? sayuha sad niya mag jogging oi.."

at 2am, I'm jogging myself to exhale.

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