Friday, February 27, 2009

dream 26/02/09

I've dreamt about Africa. or rather, that's what my mind told
me in my dream where i'm at. I see tepee house made out of
detailed/graphic animal skin. then there's this branch
used for a bonfire, I grab two branches and hold it one top of the other (like X)
and it makes me fly across the sea.
the sea is so clear that even through its depth, it
doesn't turn green or blue. its as clear as the water in
a glass where u can see right to the bottom. and at the
bottom of the sea I can see dragon like sword fishes.
they are huge, like whales. but they are much leaner
and fascinating. more of an orb fish wading at
the bottom of a wave less sea. they look a bit threatening but they are
not moving. I want to go back to the shore to get my phonecam,
itching on taking photos of them.

as I went back to the shore, I walked
into the village trying to find my phonecam.
on one of the tepee house I've noticed that
they're having a sort of production. I rummage through
their work and I see this ugly looking miniature of an
African jungle. its so ugly that I decided to break it
into pieces and throw it away. but I never knew that
its a work in progress and Bjork is the one working on
it. She's making a sample of her idea and she's
working on it with the production team. But now, her
work is gone. She saw me broke it. She's fuming and she
chase after me. Just the way she get furious with the
interviewer in Bangkok. But I was able to run in time.
Bjork and the rest of the production team ran after me
(most of them are Africans and some of them are oriental looking)
I hide in one of the tent houses.

instead of panting, I find my self very calm. the occupant of the
place happen to be Russ, and he's feeding his pet with
huge pellets, he drop it into the aquarium. i'm wondering
what are his pets since those pellets are too huge for
a fish. gazing through the bottom of the tank, I found out
that his pets are marine frogs. they are special
kind of frogs. it's my first time to see this kind of specie.
these are albino frogs, so instead of rough scaly hides
they have smooth and milky skin. since russ' aquarium
have pink under lighting these frogs look ghastly pinkish.
and they eat on the pellets without gusto. they just
spit their tongue then eat and eat without enthusiasm.
russ is telling me something but I can't comprehend
what he's talking about. I just keep my eyes on those
frogs then I woke up.

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