Wednesday, February 18, 2009

me, as a sleeping pill

around 1:30am russ usually receive a call from an untraceable number, and he knows for sure that's me whose calling.

can't remember when this post midnight routine started. all i know is that russ have a problem sleeping at these hours and he need an ally to fight off his inner demons. and I'm quite familiar with his enemies so I'm quite capable on how to tame them..

russ, in return feeds me. he prepare the food himself and I'm quite impressed with what's on my plate. one night i have Italian pasta, on the other night: sauteed mushroom in quick melt cheese.

and as lucky liyo can get, he will have wine in his goblet on starry nights. we usually laugh at how fucking miserable life we "currently" dealing with---specially regarding our professional status, our bank account and of course our individual love life. as cheery it may sound, russ then feel sedated and starts to hit the sack. me in the other hand end up watching his recommended movies.

these are the list of movies that he let me watch recently that i could still remember:

*pride and prejudice
*the dark knight
*Sylvia Plath
*curious case of Benjamin Button
*vicky cristina barcelona

and just tonight,
*slumdog millionaire

in between of my whoas, awws or sobs, i could hear russ snoring. and that's always been the case.

the moment the movie credits float on the screen i will ceremoniously turn the monitor off, exit from russ place, walk alone in the middle of capitol area at dawn and try to have myself some sleep too.

Buenos dias.

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