Sunday, February 08, 2009

oh snap! are you for real?

first off, it was absolutely crazy!

crazy, crazy, crazy! my idea about this party was three days prior to this event when i got my hands on the brochure that advertise this event. It's in Turtle's nest when i said to Russ: "Hala Russ, I think 'tis interesting, the thing is its gonna be this weekend--- (sighing with a sad face) we don't have ticket.."

tomorrow comes, and as i help russ move out from his flat in banawa. He surprises me with the notion of us going to the party..

oh snap! are you for real? hehe.. we got tickets!and not just tickets---they're VIP passes.. haha! courtesy of BITE magazine (Mona and David thanks..) The thing is I got work that night---but duh... the VIP ticket cost 3x my daily wage so its worth the delinquency i'll be through. I'll just think of it this way: I am being compensated while partying.. asa ka ana?

the party will open its doors from 9pm until sunrise. and usually the floor will start getting warmed up sometime in midnight. it so happen that XO? have a performance night at CNU. the series of performances starts with russ and I doing a contemporary theatric dance floating on jazz RnB progression by sir Winston's upbeat drums and sir Mund's sax and the rest of XO? music pool. then niño set the floor on fire and chai planted an exclamation mark with her beat poetry that shakespeare is dead! russ and i were catching our breath after the cloth wrenching performance. but the adrenaline rush wasn't depleted yet so after we change and fixed ourselves we headed to the CUMS party.

It's morphin' time!

mao to.. nag patuyang dayon mi ni russ sa among gibate.. naglupad lupad mi sa wanang sa sulod sa CICC. with the coolest track from the coolest international DJ, it makes any music played in mango or any not up to date bars around sound crappy..

with russ, chai, chris, joan, niño and other spirited away questors!

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