Sunday, February 08, 2009

wish you good luck

i reread Murakami's "Birthday Girl" (one of the short stories compiled in "Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman") for the umpteenth time and I'm always struck with the conversation of the girl (who narrates her 20th birthday) with her interviewer . Along the train of conversation, the girl rose a question of which asking her interviewer what would be his wish if it happens to be his 20th birthday. Trying to come up with a single wish, he seems can't find what is there to wish for. And the girl simply quips:

"That's because you've already made your wish"

this year, everyone one of us will turn a year older. or, in some weirdest case, will turn a year younger if you got benjamin button's genes. hahah. the thing is, each of us will probably wish one thing or another if you still have a "thing" for that.

better yet, let us all remain hopeful

good day every one--- and a wonderful year (would always disregard the notion that 2009 is not good for people who are born under the year of the ox---duh?!)

hasta luego

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