Thursday, March 12, 2009


i got it now.
and darn---
why just now?
i no longer exist
can no longer be seen
ignored and forgotten
something that seemed relatively unimportant
a wisp of smoke
thinning towards a starless sky
i never thought i could be that inconspicuous
to you: a mere passerby
walking across a universal pavement
one hazy December night
oh, when was that really?
well, it wont matter
what's the point anyway
plain silence crashing over me
through a placid sad screen

a placid sad black screen
blackest black of a black ocean
where i used to swim with you
sending love notes to you
dream, breath and feel alive with you

but i think it's time to sail on now
sailing on to a much darker distance
much farther from where u step back

let the whisper of the wind tell
stories of a boy who once
became my prince

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