Friday, April 17, 2009

brinde al verano

at summer sunscreen party 2009
bantayan island
photo courtesy of Bryan

Thursday, April 16, 2009

how could I simply grasp the song of summer?

is it too pure?
sighing with the bleached pebbles by the shore

is it too meek?
like the silent scream of the unicorns under the heat

too light
too bright
too grand

blazing sky
placid moon
dancing barefoot on sugary sand

is it as pungent as
the blossoming of mango trees?

buzzing busy bees on glowing flowers,
marveling its saccharine taste

a kiss that erases the sadness,
sitting by the corner of your lips

have it
pour it
sprinkle it

as the sun kissing my skin

the moan, while exploring
the sinuous concaves of your pits

hear it
feel it
lavish it

spreading the burning sensation from your hands,
the sacred feel of your embrace

when you thrust yourself
into the deep core of my secrets
piercing my darkness

lifting my arms with closed eyes,
a complete surrender

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ang nahisaag kong kalag

dili na
dila na gyud
dili na ko katulog
dili na
dili na mapalong ang akong lawas
nga padung naman unta mo shutdown
apan ang akong kalag diin diin nahisaag
diin diin nilaag
dili na mopauli
dili na mobalik
dili na mosalop
sa pangpang sa akong paghinanok
dili na makig-hiusa sa akong
ginhawa sa akong
pagsalom sa lapok sa akong mga damgo
nga diin gikamang sa akong mga tudlo
dungan sa akong pagpanghuyab
dungan sa pagtugpa sa anunugba
nga nangasunog ang paku
human nakigsayaw sa lamparilya
hain na
hain na
hain nahimutang ang akong kalag
nga gintawag
sa usa sad ka kalag nga nahisaag

Thursday, April 09, 2009

learning the art of surrender

when nature wont conspire with your plans,
when swimming against the current could burst your lungs,
and when nothing works no matter how hard you try and try and try---
and yes, until you'll eventually die,

it's time to raise my arms and completely surrender...

Thursday, April 02, 2009

magnolia (aimee mann: wise up)

for russ, vera, chai and yen:

let us hold on to each other;

no matter how crazy, lovely, pathetic, awesome, ecstatic, shitty, marvelous, neurotic, stupid, brilliant, sweet, bitter and wonderful our lives are.

rest assured my arms are always wide open and hopefully i could snuggle on yours too.

i love you guys =)


walay magpakamatay until 30 please..

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

at 23

* aside from physical dysfunctions, i was also diagnosed with mental and emotional disorders.

* i've experienced being terminated for the first time =) hell yeah
cause i deserve it.

* currently having an almost three year
relationship, my longest ever

* learn to love smoking

* starting to learn spanish, habla usted spaƱol?

* been associated with 4 companies within this age,
imagine intermingling with four set of different
colleagues for a couple of months. saying hi then

* been to places i never knew existed

* first time to have an online hearthrob and
heartache at the same time

* i've been scolded in a local newspaper for
accidentally using somebody else's props during a
performance art (although it was purely an act of
spontaneity and a performance dedicated for him but
well, shit happens) no matter what, i wont let that stop me from doing art.

* regardless of the issue above, i'm still doing performance art and literary pieces. my cebuano poems are now getting published (such a late bloomer for me, i know) and even do poetry reading during my lunch breaks.

* i almost die from a sea trip

* i still haven't dyed my hair, had body pierce or
had any tatoo yet

* i still haven't killed someone yet.

* i'm in the middle of processing a passport

* and apparently, still creating mess out of myself, still learning to make things undone and start all over again.

* got few days remaining before i end my 23rd year of existence--- and i'm still growing up..

sail on, russ

Russ Ligt
March 18, 1985 - April 1, 2009

you told me your time will be until on your 27th but you did it sooner than i expected.
Good riddance to you russ,
sail on to your red home in space.
All we have of you now
is our memories.
But it will be some time
before they fade.

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