Wednesday, April 01, 2009

at 23

* aside from physical dysfunctions, i was also diagnosed with mental and emotional disorders.

* i've experienced being terminated for the first time =) hell yeah
cause i deserve it.

* currently having an almost three year
relationship, my longest ever

* learn to love smoking

* starting to learn spanish, habla usted spaƱol?

* been associated with 4 companies within this age,
imagine intermingling with four set of different
colleagues for a couple of months. saying hi then

* been to places i never knew existed

* first time to have an online hearthrob and
heartache at the same time

* i've been scolded in a local newspaper for
accidentally using somebody else's props during a
performance art (although it was purely an act of
spontaneity and a performance dedicated for him but
well, shit happens) no matter what, i wont let that stop me from doing art.

* regardless of the issue above, i'm still doing performance art and literary pieces. my cebuano poems are now getting published (such a late bloomer for me, i know) and even do poetry reading during my lunch breaks.

* i almost die from a sea trip

* i still haven't dyed my hair, had body pierce or
had any tatoo yet

* i still haven't killed someone yet.

* i'm in the middle of processing a passport

* and apparently, still creating mess out of myself, still learning to make things undone and start all over again.

* got few days remaining before i end my 23rd year of existence--- and i'm still growing up..

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