Thursday, April 16, 2009

how could I simply grasp the song of summer?

is it too pure?
sighing with the bleached pebbles by the shore

is it too meek?
like the silent scream of the unicorns under the heat

too light
too bright
too grand

blazing sky
placid moon
dancing barefoot on sugary sand

is it as pungent as
the blossoming of mango trees?

buzzing busy bees on glowing flowers,
marveling its saccharine taste

a kiss that erases the sadness,
sitting by the corner of your lips

have it
pour it
sprinkle it

as the sun kissing my skin

the moan, while exploring
the sinuous concaves of your pits

hear it
feel it
lavish it

spreading the burning sensation from your hands,
the sacred feel of your embrace

when you thrust yourself
into the deep core of my secrets
piercing my darkness

lifting my arms with closed eyes,
a complete surrender

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