Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the need to be sedated

three lost souls find themselves walking along deserted streets of capitol area blabbering about the gravity of the moon against our subconscious clamour for sedation.

cigarettes, ice cream and a sweating coke float are just temporary remedy for this post midnight restlessness.

we thought that it would be great to ride a kalesa driven by a well trimmed shrub horse and bring us to the house next to a lawyer's residence for a missing father. we found a green gate with a white painted signage: it looks to be number 09.

walk, walk, walking, cussing and cursing. each of us have clouds of question marks in our heads.

can't figure out the semantics behind waiting and waiting for something that we desperately want to happen now.

so we end up eating balut, two rounds of it. as we ask the vendor how old is he when he got married, he answers 27.

more smoke, more ice, less beer. loud music.
some hookers pumping on the ledge
the dj was at the edge
beat pumping, people pushing

we're tired. let's get out of this hell.

5:00 amruss is for sure asleep now. while vera and i just had our coffee with her mom and then the two of us headed to the beach and happen to caught a baby squid.

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