Wednesday, July 01, 2009

a borderline douchebag

hello mr.
hello there.
hello, how are you?
yup' i am doing fine
yup' i'm a little bit horny now
uhuh, so whats your plan for tonight?
oh' so you got a connecting flight
from singapore to cebu---tonight
oh i see
hmn, ok
too bad, your always on the sea
of clouds, of tickets and intermittent flu
i never knew about that
That's why your wife divorced you.
i see, uhuh, no way'
'cause, Clearly you are a borderline douchebag.
A week with me...
you'll know your place.


i see, uhuh, yeah'
You see,
I'm of the opinion that would be
slightly disrespectful.

My mouth would be good
for making out,
but probably it wouldn't be great
for jizzing in.

Besides, I have a nice mouth...
and deserves more genuine respect
than to be filled with man-milk!

Hmm... I have a sneaking suspicion
that you are not actually a man.

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