Thursday, July 30, 2009


in the verge of hangover
what was it last night?

oh yeah, i almost forget
it was me and my heart shaped kite
it was cloudy, i got a cig
but i don’t have a light
'twas damn cold and a bit lonely
so i went to the party
get crazy, but I’m still turning blue
drunk, get lost in a bar
getting wasted, now i don’t have a clue
with this silly dance routine
in front of a karaoke machine
it was like maybe
maybe I could be with you
'cause all i see
is you
so i kiss them
love them
all of them reminds me of you
so i talk to them
cuddle them
all of them reminds me of you
yeah right, now ur mad
cause u makes me mad
about you
an earthbound-astronaut who
once visited in a happenstance
I dunno


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