Friday, July 31, 2009

Unauthorized late

Whoa! I just intended to take my 15mins break in Ayala when I saw them about to start.
And needless to say, that I will certainly incur over break as I find myself stuck listening to them. Darn! I can’t believe it!

Up Dharma Down performing live.

Armi Millare cut her hair short though, but her voice is still stunning as her fingers tapping those keys. And I can’t help but droll my eyes over their drummer, Ean Mayor as he also have his hair shaved.. haha

Anyhow, I txted Chai and she told me that she will watch them perform later at Handuraw, tonight.

Now, after several tracks (of course I make sure to listen to their “Sana”) I need to go back to work Or else I will need to sign a written warning for abandonment of work.

As im heading back to the office w/c is just nearby, I glance at my watch and im almost an hour late.. whew, bahala na.

*It’s better late than never sumala pa nila.. hahaha


*It’s better late: sa work
Than never: watched Up dharma Down at all


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