Tuesday, July 07, 2009

waking up beside the bartender,

hey, i think I’m gonna be drunk tonight
i don’t care what style
could it be German, Canadian, American
Cebuano or how about Inuit style?
duh, who cares?
as long as i know how to hold my liquor
as long as i could chug it straight from my mouth to my head!
as long as i could hear u scream
in a dream, in a narrow screen
into this hollow hall
of endless hole
into a nightmare
into a fairytale
of chaos and love making
of quarrels and love making
of hissing and cursing, that always end up to a
steamy hot love making

i would love that
not just a pity fuck
i would like the idea of that
toying with the imagination
of you flying across continents
landing into my pool of beer

then i get drunk
and u get drunk
you! you! you!
damn you for spilling the beer!
then you say sorry
and you say you love me, then you kissed me
closing my eyes, and then
i feel weird, some kinda strange

and then I'll ask you silly stuff, like:
"If a llama crosses the River Thames,
can a monkey in Madagascar traverse the Indian ocean
on the back of a whale,
while tap dancing to a seagull
playing the accordion?"

oh please, stop it my stupid mouth
i said to you, to myself
stop! my head is spinning
my head is puking
my head is screaming with your head
they are fighting
but they are lonely
silly monkeys
still fighting, stupid monkeys
until the next morning
until the next day and the next night and the next day
tah teh tah tah
until waking up beside
the bartender, asking:

one bottle of beer please.

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