Friday, August 28, 2009

Sparkling lights and merry go round

One time, we felt bored and went completely miserable
Gia is about to go nuts...

we wanted to come up with a solution as she might turn into a whimpering hag
in no time.

so i presented her an empty paper cup and asked her, what 's the matter Gia?

Gia:Geez! I am so bored out of my skull..
I need something to lift my spirits.
Do u have something vivacious in mind?

So I tried to cheer them up with a happy concoction. it's a cup full of wishful dreaming.

Ian hesitate it first, but later on gave in with the offer.

Eventually, i see Gia starting to like it…

Now, Gia and Ian can’t stop talking about the marvelous mess and the crappy things in life.
Somehow the cup of wishful dreaming brought wonders to their darkest hour.

Sparkling lights and merry go round, that’s how they seem to feel.

They still can’t get enough with their euphoria
And just like from Elizabeth Coatsworth’s line:

Now from the dark,
a deeper dark,
The cat slides,
Furtive and aware,

His eyes still shine with meteor spark

that's all for now, until then..

sail on,

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

road trip; a whimsical ride

Last Sunday; Russ, ms. B and I were on a road trip to buy some flowers

we headed up to the mountain side, towards Bacolor.

we passed by Jay Mercado, who's waiting for Edward

and we spotted the little girl whom i love to call Nenang, i guess she want to buy some ice cream
at the Fentons Creamery with her favorite flavor for today: Butter Brickle.

we got lost. so Ms B and Russ asked the locals if they know which way to go to Bacolor
ms. B spoke with Jay's sister wondering if she happen to know where to find the church which sells some flowers. on the other hand, russ noticed something. the little market have this lot marker for sale together with their produce.
but russ ignore it, instead he bought some corn since he's famished.
while we are back on the road, i saw russ eating his corn, with such gusto.

so i grab some for myself. why not? lol =)

while munching on, we passed by elephant looking mountains, dancing trees and tempting cliffs.

at the end, we sat down and imagine how Mt. Pinatubo erupted last 1991

clark, 15 days more to go..

Monday, August 24, 2009

yet another Murakami's...

My first Haruki was introduced to me by a German mentor way way back when she handed me the book and said: “You should read him”

And so it began my fascination with this contemporary novelist: Haruki Murakami. A Japanese writer who already wrote several books that are quite revolutionary and captivating and he has this common theme for all of his works that involve with loneliness and alienation. I’ve already read 11 of his works. To mention some of the titles are (which is a collection of short stories and novels): “The Blind Willow and Sleeping Woman”, “The Wind-up Bird Chronicle” and “After Dark”.

One of the books that totally turn me nuts is his book entitled “Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World”. It is a story with two split yet paralleled narratives. One from the perspective of the man who’s working as a “Calcutec” for this old scientist that deals with newly found research about human evolution. His work includes shuffling, encoding data using the structure of his brain as an encoding key, which makes him a human encryption device. His job however leads to his journey, both figuratively and literally, into his subconscious world.

On every alternative chapter is the story of the man who found himself settling to a walled village where dreams (memories) are infused to a unicorn’s skull. He’s also faced with people who don’t have any idea of their past and soon he realizes also gradually losing his. Eventually, he must make a decision whether to give up his past or reunite with the present.

It is a two way narrative story that converges at the end with a deep look at issues of identity and it exploded with an erratic nature of Human Mind.

Whimsical, provocative and absolutely mind bugling.. Hail to Murakami

Thursday, August 13, 2009

date trio

Tonight I got excited over the most unlikely activity: wondering what will happen to me and the whole world on September 09 this year. I got curious what happened for the previous date trio, those dates that repeat itself by day, month and then year.

Example January 01, 2001 = 01/01/01

I’ve searched Wikipedia with their current events portal and here’s what I’ve come up with.

– A black monolith measuring approximately 9 feet tall appears in Seattle, Washington's Magnuson Park, placed by an anonymous artist in reference to the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.

– Dutch heir apparent Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange marries Máxima, Princess of Orange in Amsterdam.

- A man was arrested at a shopping mall in Guilderland, New York for refusing to remove a t-shirt which bore the slogan "Give Peace A Chance." He was charged with "trespassing 'in that he knowingly enter(ed) or remain(ed) unlawfully upon premises.'" He had purchased the shirt at the mall.

- Madrid -- suspected terrorists blow themselves up as police prepared to storm their apartment

– A United Kingdom general election results in the re-election of Tony Blair's Labour Party for a third consecutive term.

– Elisabeth Fraser, American television, film, and stage actress died (b. 1920)

- The 40th Anniversary High Mass of the Church of Satan occurred in Los Angeles, where satanists gathered from nine different countries to celebrate the day.

- The New Seven Wonders of the World are announced. These are The Great Wall of China, Petra in Jordan, the Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil, Machu Picchu in Peru, Mexico's Chichen Itza Mayan site, the Colosseum in Rome and the Taj Mahal in India. (Reuters via ABC News Australia)

- The 2008 Summer Olympics starts with the 2008 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony at the Beijing National Stadium. (The Christian Science Monitor)


***Well, nobody can tell.
Unless a Nostradamus protégé was already born among us..
lol =)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Pictures taken, while waiting for russ at the terraces,
He txted me out of the sudden last Saturday night
I was about to sleep by then but I know
There must be something going on once
He waived that SOS flag.

We later have coffee at starbucks and had our usual
chat. I think he’s fine now, or still trying to be fine..

Hehe, ey Russ..


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

move up

UP cookout 2009-08-11
a yearly tradition since UPHigh
with russ and karla
but before that
I said tc to Pat
a free ride
a free medium rare steak
a plateful of rice
hot and yeah was for free
thanks pat, thanks russ, thanks unknown sales clerks
a good laugh from Badidi
a nice rock lady singing paramour cover
a great night

To do list:_____1.) Do the laundry

A bed sheet
That has not been washed

For 8 weeks
Still clinging into my feet

An intermittent itch
A heightened sensation

Pillows, pillows and pillows
Buried my face, my mind, my soul, in a deep hiatus

Canopies of blankets
Sending warmth, humming lullabies, films of dust

With reeking smell of
Last night’s rum and cigarette

Why can’t I
Not let go of you

Still am, Lost
in a daydream

Smudged with regret
And what could have been

What could be the nice combination?
Of laundry bleach or detergents

To wash you off
To get rid of you
To forget

Smearing my eyes with pain

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Friday, August 07, 2009

finally, veruschka find her home..

now you have ur mental, emotional and psychological home there in dgte
i'm happy for you ver..


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Just that

First off,
U never knew what I’ve been through
There’s no way
Or any chance
A question
Could bring it all up

the pain, The bitterness
Brown and black
rusting inside my throat
Choking and degrading
thus, I cant say anything
But for you to feel
ten thousand nails
These are murmuring
Inside my clasping hands
Hence, Would not,
In any chance
Will rise up

So please,
I beg you
Don’t castigate me further
As I’m already in the verge
Of fading
I demand
some level of respect
or at least, some kindness
even just a bit of it

as what I see fit

Monday, August 03, 2009

Lemme taste ur strawberries

It would be nice
To get lost into ur strawberry fields
Wandering around
Under the cloudless blue sky’
Where mountains are whistling
And cotton candies are riding with the wind
I will catch it with my mouth
Where it melts on my tongue
Blowing bubbles
Tiny weenie explosive balloons
Like minute atomic bombs
Which burst on ur hair
How it would be like
Getting lost
and stumble into u
I will climb over ur fence
And taste ur strawberries
It taste delicious
I like it

I will be forever smiling,
I guess...

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