Friday, August 28, 2009

Sparkling lights and merry go round

One time, we felt bored and went completely miserable
Gia is about to go nuts...

we wanted to come up with a solution as she might turn into a whimpering hag
in no time.

so i presented her an empty paper cup and asked her, what 's the matter Gia?

Gia:Geez! I am so bored out of my skull..
I need something to lift my spirits.
Do u have something vivacious in mind?

So I tried to cheer them up with a happy concoction. it's a cup full of wishful dreaming.

Ian hesitate it first, but later on gave in with the offer.

Eventually, i see Gia starting to like it…

Now, Gia and Ian can’t stop talking about the marvelous mess and the crappy things in life.
Somehow the cup of wishful dreaming brought wonders to their darkest hour.

Sparkling lights and merry go round, that’s how they seem to feel.

They still can’t get enough with their euphoria
And just like from Elizabeth Coatsworth’s line:

Now from the dark,
a deeper dark,
The cat slides,
Furtive and aware,

His eyes still shine with meteor spark

that's all for now, until then..

sail on,

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