Tuesday, August 11, 2009

To do list:_____1.) Do the laundry

A bed sheet
That has not been washed

For 8 weeks
Still clinging into my feet

An intermittent itch
A heightened sensation

Pillows, pillows and pillows
Buried my face, my mind, my soul, in a deep hiatus

Canopies of blankets
Sending warmth, humming lullabies, films of dust

With reeking smell of
Last night’s rum and cigarette

Why can’t I
Not let go of you

Still am, Lost
in a daydream

Smudged with regret
And what could have been

What could be the nice combination?
Of laundry bleach or detergents

To wash you off
To get rid of you
To forget

Smearing my eyes with pain

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