Monday, August 24, 2009

yet another Murakami's...

My first Haruki was introduced to me by a German mentor way way back when she handed me the book and said: “You should read him”

And so it began my fascination with this contemporary novelist: Haruki Murakami. A Japanese writer who already wrote several books that are quite revolutionary and captivating and he has this common theme for all of his works that involve with loneliness and alienation. I’ve already read 11 of his works. To mention some of the titles are (which is a collection of short stories and novels): “The Blind Willow and Sleeping Woman”, “The Wind-up Bird Chronicle” and “After Dark”.

One of the books that totally turn me nuts is his book entitled “Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World”. It is a story with two split yet paralleled narratives. One from the perspective of the man who’s working as a “Calcutec” for this old scientist that deals with newly found research about human evolution. His work includes shuffling, encoding data using the structure of his brain as an encoding key, which makes him a human encryption device. His job however leads to his journey, both figuratively and literally, into his subconscious world.

On every alternative chapter is the story of the man who found himself settling to a walled village where dreams (memories) are infused to a unicorn’s skull. He’s also faced with people who don’t have any idea of their past and soon he realizes also gradually losing his. Eventually, he must make a decision whether to give up his past or reunite with the present.

It is a two way narrative story that converges at the end with a deep look at issues of identity and it exploded with an erratic nature of Human Mind.

Whimsical, provocative and absolutely mind bugling.. Hail to Murakami


ian said...

available ni sya sa local book stores like natio?

liyo said...

yup.. =)
but limited nalang ilang murakami..

try powerbooks or fully booked, they are bomabarded with this author..

keep on reading..

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