Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I woke up around 5am and had coffee at the Robinsons' Terminal (San Fernando area), where there are series of bus heading to neighboring towns. I have Subic Bay on mind. it is on my itinerary checklist as i keep on hearing about the place and i haven't been there yet, so i asked around w/c one goes to that area. A man told me to ride the bus going to Olongapo.

So i hop into this one.

I had a ticket w/c only costs Php113.00

the bus is quite empty, even to the most part of the trip. One can make do silly things or even intriguing acts while on board. I wish I have a sexy companion whom i could make out with.
lol.. =)

but too bad, I only have my travelling bag with me..


heavy rainfall keep on drowning this day on this part of the country, i can't even clearly see what's beyond my window.

I have Tori Amos on my playlist. I even hum along with her shrill voice. nobody would bother to mind anyway..

we came across this cemetery. the tombs are constructed by the cliff. Its like a terraces, only that dead bodies were buried.

I asked the bus conductor if he could drop me to a resort in Subic, and he suggested this one. Hmm, well this one is way too much.

They charge Php400!!!

It's inclusive for usage of all their facilities though.. but all i want to see is the sea and the infamous "Subic Bay Sunset" but of course, it's stormy so that notion is improbable.
but at least, can i get into the bay please...

so i roam around the strip trying to find a backdoor to the beach

hmmm.. they charge Php200 for entrance alone.. never mind

hmm... where this bridge leads to?

tadah.. ok.. finally..

so this is it?

um, tao po? ito na ba yung subic bay?

yes indeed, it is..

ahh ok, so after several hours of a slippery ride. I officially step foot on this shore.
The weather is quite depressing and i have nothing else to do but to light a cig.

Hello Subic Bay.
My name is Liyo.
I'm from Cebu and I'm just dropping by to say hey..

I got Bjork's "wanderlust" this time...
at least naabot iyang tingug dinhi

taking refuge from my umbrella, i went to their main city and try to find a place to eat.

darn, im so hungry..

hmn, ok... such industrious town i've been to.

I bumped with a person in a diner earlier. we had a small talk. Upon knowing I'm not from here, she suggested to go to the Subic free Port. However the mode of transportation of going to that location is quite difficult and I'm running out of time. I need to go back to Clark for my flight back to Cebu before night time.

so i end up inside this church..

ginoo, tabangi ko.. unsa man akong buhaton dire?


for that i got to go..

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