Thursday, October 22, 2009

another 4 minutes, and i'll be terminated

today, i decided to be absent from work.

as what i've seen fit. because i already have a final written warning due to tardiness.
incurring two instances of being late more than an hour pushed me into this verdict.
and according to our golden company rules and regularization, after the 2nd time around,
then sorry, you'll be gone! as in: pffft!

so now, it's 3:26pm. 4 minutes more and i'll be late again. im still in the middle of my room.
still confused what to wear. plus all those fixing my self up time, then the travel, the traffic,
pushing your self from the crowd and then scanning your security badge on the sensor doors
and finally bump your ass to your chair would tantamount to a helluva of time---so I GAVE UP!

for that i decided to be absent from work because, to tell you honestly and proudly,
i haven't been absent from work for a year now. even if i'm sick; physically, emotionally
or mentally ill, i still wanna go to work, cause my work is easy and it pays the bill.
but today is a different story. Because, if i got late--- i'm gonna be terminated.
but if i got absent, then i'll only receive a verbal warning since this is my first offense.
2nd would lead to written and 3rd would be final written warning tah teh tah tah.

so i rather use this as an ammunition for me NOT TO GET FIRED.. devilish grin, .. ]:-)

now, lemme sit back, relax
and enjoy this self declared holiday!

luv yah! besos.. muah3x

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