Wednesday, October 07, 2009

cups and saucers

i'm residing along banilad area. specifically near talamban/banilad boundary.
if someone asked me what are the familiar establishment around the circumference
where i'm located, i usually tell them: just a block away from BRIGHT ACADEMY and right before Cheaverz Grill House. I think one would be able to locate my place by adding another clue:

just behind cups and saucers

our crappy boarding house is apparently located inside this compound, where this diner/beer house/student hub (cause its also near USCTC) can be spotted in front. and the moment u get inside you'll walk through these walls filled with graffiti

i can actually see these only when i'm about to have my breakfast or brunch. Because its totally dark around this place when i got home from work at the wee hours of the night.

i like staying here, at certain times..
to eat, to have coffee, to smoke
and maybe dine with myself while talking to myself

above, its a pretty blue sky huh'

well, i usually force myself to stay here early in the morning
to avoid the irritating noises of dinosaurs.
nah, i'm not kidding...
but what i really meant was that this place is full of big mouth drunk students as most of them find this as their nestling place.

and i like to shove a bottle of beer inside their mouths so they just keep on drinking without screaming that much. in that way, this place would be much peaceful.

but, i'm hands off with that chaotic protocol and leave it as it is.


*btw, i dunno who works behind the graffiti so i can't give the credit to a particular name

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