Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Everyone! Log off!

Tonight's definitely a bore.

As usual, I've finished my work within 2 hours, so I got 6 hours to tinker around my desk.
I tried to compose a poem, but my poetic inspiration is totally drained out. I really would love to sketch or paint something (as I haven't done it for ages), but I have no materials and I'm working on a paperless office (as we are implementing this information secured environment) so now, there's only me and my pc. So I did blog hopping instead.

So far, I came across different BlogSpot. And most of them are quite interesting.
Some are well read and most talked about, while others, just like mine, quite placid and personal. So for most of my idle time, I keep on surfing in the ocean of information. I'm quite amused on how the power of internet evolve all over these years. I can still remember I only log in the internet if the school library wasn't open and I need to check my e-mails or need to do some comprehensive paper works.

Eventually, I started to create social networking accounts and personal blog spot. Then came online dating sites. Although quite old fashion in terms of finding a significant other but online dating is quite fast and convenient (and sad to say, usually short lived). So the more activities you can do in the internet, the more you'll get face to face with your monitor. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk..

It's just weird though cause, it makes me think the world can be capped by the palm of your hands. And it would screw you to somebody else's experiences and forget about making your own. But of course, I usually took it as an inspiration but if your ass is being glued to your seat and your fingers nailed on the keyboard (just what's your and my current state right now!) it would somehow makes my life sort of sedentary. Imagine, I'm working with this pc for 8 hours then when I came home, I linger along with my laptop. Darn! Good thing I don't own a TV in my room. Or else, I would become an introvert self contained cyborg.

For that I need to jog, go for a dance, more club hopping , travel, go on random soiree with friends. Trek! Go for a swim, snorkel (hmn, I still don't have a new pair of goggle as my speedo got lost in south china sea) have coffee and smell a decade old paperback novel. Ride an unknown bus towards an unknown town. Talk talk talk.. talk to a real person and minimize chatting online.. hahah! (i'm wondering how many of us are guilty)

Now, I'm missing going outdoors and feel the wind (not the coldness of freezing AC)
With a daiquiri on one hand and somebody else's hand on the other.

I need to log off!

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