Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Highest Hiding Place - the book launching

mecca and i were running towards Cafe Laguna as we're already late,
but we manage to take photo of ourselves as we're about to get inside the function hall.

alright, we're all set! go!

but once we get inside, the event is still along its interlude towards the main program.
so we grab russ for a smoke break.

going back inside, the event was emceed by her majesty of talk herself, Jude Bacalso

i can see Sir Raymund Fernandez and faculty members of different universities
here in Cebu from our table,

this was the 2nd launching of Larry's book of poems, the first one was held in Manila.
and definitely he's well loved by his acquaintances and friends from different part of his life,
his mentors and his folks.

now, the poet himself: Lawrence Lacambra Ypil
...talking about the story behind his book cover.

in between poetry readings, acoustic performances and feeling the texture of our table cloth.
i wanna serve myself with this.
and ehem, mr.. a glass of wine please..

muchos gracias!

i introduced Mecca to Larry whose much eager to sign for an autograph.

dear mecca,
you're such a slutty bitch!

nah kidding.. =) i love you mecca

and my greatest souvenir.
with Larry


the night was just simply great.
as i'm running back to my office, (cause i attended the event in between
my lunch break and gotta go back to work afterwards)
i had this sheer joy as i'm quite grateful i could still experience and take part of this
kind of intimate thing----of which is slowly fading out.

i think you know what i mean..

have a good one. =)

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