Saturday, October 17, 2009

October sigh

October swings the first month of the last quarter. And yes, another year would about to end.

I used to have a day to day chronological record of my day to day life.

However due to hectic schedule and yeah maybe due to laziness, wasn't able to update my daily ritual.

Now, i'm filled with memories of which I know will fade in the deepest concave of my aging brain.

So I better spill it out.

*just recently, Russ had a new boif, and his name is Ze**

*Chai, just like me, gone single again

*I haven't heard from Vera for a long time. But I've visited her some time ago in Dumaguete and she and her beloved other half, Thomas. They became a good host as I stayed in their apartment for a couple of days with my office mate, Ian. ( Gia would like to tag along but she wasn't able to make it ).

*I'll be turning one year here in my current company, and I find myself at home with my team mates and my close friends: Gia and Ian.

*We usually spend our weekends at either Loft or Formo. I couldn't estimate how much alcohol we've consumed.

*The three of us also Tag along with Ricky Pilapil (a trainor and a columnist) and Marinor (a colleague and a really clever business woman/giggling girl/mom)

*this year, I've traveled to Camotes (with Russ, to watch the first sunrise of 2009)

Olango island (with Ms B Jammy and Russ)

Bantayan island (for the holy week)

Bohol Jaunt (with Gia and the gang, we went around different towns and settled in Panglao for several days)

Palawan (with Ms B and Karla)

Iloilo (with jammy)

Guimaras (still with jammy)

*then my latest travel was somewhere North (Pampanga and Olongapo) I'm planning to go to Siargao this new year. Hopefully with Russ again. I already booked the flight

*I'm not yet ready with the upcoming holidays. I dunno what to expect

*I had my first laptop last May, it's an hp2140 mini netbook

*I had a busted SE phone from Nov-July, that's an eight month long without a proper communication with the digital world. So I grab myself my latest phone: Samsung Omnia

*Chai, Russ and I are still intact. And we still hoping Vera would drop by Cebu and hang out with us. But recently, we found some new friends! We got Mecca and Patrick

We've been hanging out lately and we find ourselves singing along Disney musicals and drinking rum coke all night long.

*Recently we went to Mt. View to sing our hearts out and then we had house warming/ slumber party at Mecca's

*I'm loving the people and of course loving the place, Cebu. But there still this nagging feeling to be somewhere else. I have an idea where that is, but not that really sure yet.

I'm fearing the thought that I'm staying way too long in this island. I need to migrate anytime soon. =(


meanwhile, as i'm writing this inside bo's terraces, Christmas songs are giving me the creeps!

the holidays are just a couple of months away.... and nothing can't stop it from happening..

sigh, so now let's prepare how to beat the Christmas blues while we still have so much time.


lot's of love!


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