Tuesday, October 20, 2009

on finding the perfect shoes and the lemme-borrow-that top

Chai, Russ and I would love to see Lisa Macuja live for the first time

but she's too far away and what we can only see are obscured dancing figures

named as the prima ballerina of the Philippines,
i would love to see more of her, i wanna see her do atleast the basics: the plie and pirouette

but the place is too crowded and we get bored. so we need to drag our butt and do something else. so instead, for the first time in our corporate lives, we went shopping together.

and on that day, chai has something particular in mind: To find herself the perfect pair of shoes!

so we are hoping we can find it here after roaming around a number of boutiques and shoe saloons at the mall. we never knew that looking for a footwear is a pain in the sole as well! then we came up with these finalists.

how about this guys? do u like it?

russ: too girly
chai: nah, totally not me

so how about this pair?

the three of us: PERFECTION!

now russ, Let Me Borrow That Top!


chai: hey guys, lookie..
is this a nice top?

russ: yeah, just pop a pill of seroquel and wash it with a shot of whiskey. tadah! it will make you feel better.

liyo: stimulamos, stimulamos, stimulamos...
muy simpleh....



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