Friday, October 09, 2009

Plato's Atlantis - Mcqueen

Alexander Mcqueen is one of the 3 persons whom I would like to meet in person before I die.

(the other two would be Bjork and Haruki Murakami).

I can still remember how I marvel his work on fashion books or magazine from way back late 1990's til present (I was still in my High School way back then).

It would be a great honor to witness his live fashion shows. Indeed, Mcqueen is one of the pioneering couturier and designer of the century. Aside from the interesting story line and intricate concept behind his presentation, his audience are struck in awe with his grand finale.

One of the finest finale that he have was his

f/w 2003: scanners ,

s/s 2005: its only a game,

And a/w 2006: the widows of Culloden Where Kate Moss has a surreal, melancholic and austere appearance at the end of the runway show.

Now, I found myself, again, bedazzled by his latest string of work: Plato's Atlantis
of which, as what i've understand from his logical statement on a press release, he envisioned an ecological meltdown---as we may be heading back to underwater species as we evolve from the sea, hence his artwork suggest some metaphorical silhouettes of sea creatures.

So far, the most interesting collection for S/S 2010 Paris Fashion Week!

Hale to Mcqueen!

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