Monday, November 30, 2009

twigs and branches

omiG 1 day more to go and it's already DECEMBER?!
so how many days left before the consumerist marketing ploy will take into full throttle?
lol.. go figure it out

now, i like how Gustavian's adorn their entrance with these bleached twigs and branches. I guess nobody can stop the holidays from coming..
i know some people are stressing themselves out to prepare for this.

nah, i just wanna lounge around, have my coffee and watch the sunset..

november rain

here i am
gathering mist upon my weathered eye
they clump up, build up
into purple clouds
they're too heavy
too dense
for me to keep

-a snippet

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

my FooPet, named Vicenzo!

Vicenzo is a male Pug born September 28, 2009 and last adopted November 23, 2009.

He is 8 weeks old.

hot! me & my pup have the same sexy butt.. =)

good boy!

what?! is this autofellatio?

vicenzo got bored.. =(

no... not there?! vicenzo!

vicenzo said: i love flowers! merci beaucoup!

my puppy is starving when i went back 7 hours after from sleeping ..

*after i had my coffee, i'm back on my screen, and here's vicenzo already waiting for me.. do u miss me buddy?! =)

at the foo park!


I’m still in love with my ex-crush, Vicenzo
so i’m having this pup to remind me of him..

I will take care of you Vicenzo..

my profile:

apples, anyone?

-----------------nice guys-----------
-----------are like apples------
-------on trees. The best ones-----
-----are at the top of the tree.-----
---The boys don't want to reach---
--for the good ones because they--
-r afraid of falling and getting hurt.-
-Instead, they get the rotten apples-
from the ground that aren't as good,
but easy. So the apples up top think
something wrong with them when in
-reality they're amazing. They just--
---have to wait for the right boy to
---- come along, the one who's-----
----------- brave enough to-----
---------------climb all---------
---------------the way--------
--------------to the top--------
-------------of the tree.-----


found this shout out from one of the many profiles
in a gay dating site, i dunno, i kinda like the idea
but the hell, might as well post it here to share

yun lang..


it's stormy here in Cebu, November rain drips like water falls from Niagara.
even though the weatherman declared its signal number one.
i wanted to have some breakfast and a cup of coffee, but the diner i went to earlier got no change for my last paper bill worth 500.

i said: "ahh ok, no prob" after queuing for 10 minutes or more while my stomach is grumbling
so i went home cold and disheveled, not to mention starving..
listened to Katie Perry with her "If you can Afford me" and try to comfort myself with with the last remaining green tea i got from Aji Ichiban.

you know what, i feel sad this morning..

i hope my day would end up to be: ahh ok, no prob




Monday, November 23, 2009

and hmmmmm,

little did I know

u'r a dancing queen

yeah, they told me

hips don't lie

so as ur faggotry in motion


and such deviation

from your well sculptured

chest and six pack abs

and hmmmm, the bulging biceps!

sweating, errr i mean

glittering with entertainment

such a helluva of pain

watching you from behind

bubble butt

lap dancing with the other guy

swaying with the sexy shame

go on dude, or should I say

go on dudette

we love you

we adore you

exuberant and triumphant

here goes

for the sexy fame!


speakin Japanese

the hell I understand

I speakin gibberish

The hell u'll understand

Can u just stop

And move further

Further away

More further pls..

U stink of sake

Ur crotch, small and moist


Never mind

Deaf mute hand signal

Dancing on the air


My palm,

facing your porcelain looking face


and lemme go

Friday, November 20, 2009

i think i found for myself, a new master (tail wagging) i like HIM

[05:13] liyo_denorte: anyway, gta sleep now
[05:13] liyo_denorte: or else
[05:13] liyo_denorte: mo hilak nya ko
[05:13] liyo_denorte: haha
[05:13] XXXXXXXXXXXX: ali bhe... u can crry on my shulder
[05:13] liyo_denorte: i wish i can
[05:13] XXXXXXXXXXXX: hheheheh
[05:13] liyo_denorte: but im fine
[05:13] liyo_denorte: promise
[05:13] XXXXXXXXXXXX: yaw hilak babby boy
[05:13] liyo_denorte: sige ayo2x
[05:13] XXXXXXXXXXXX: okie babby boy
[05:13] liyo_denorte: yes, master
[05:13] XXXXXXXXXXXX: nyt nyt
[05:13] liyo_denorte: i will not cry
[05:13] liyo_denorte: g'nyt
[05:13] XXXXXXXXXXXX: text me or call me tmrw hap
[05:13] liyo_denorte: muahugz
[05:13] XXXXXXXXXXXX: ill wait
[05:13] liyo_denorte: i will master
[05:13] liyo_denorte: ...........
[05:13] XXXXXXXXXXXX: mwah
[05:13] liyo_denorte: 3
[05:13] XXXXXXXXXXXX: love u
[05:13] liyo_denorte: 2
[05:13] liyo_denorte: 1
[05:13] liyo_denorte: muah
[05:13] liyo_denorte: logging off

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

...where ever you are


i miss my altoids coin box..
these are my photo's from my day to day livelihood with it---
before it vanished from my hands.

sail on..

how many mistakes am i bound to make?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Let's play the sound game

I want you to cooperate

It's a matter of love and hate

Just a few minutes of your time

And hopefully you'll be mine

Now, I want you to imagine

A whaling sound

Of a little gurl, lost in the wood

Looking for food

Hear it?

The watery lips

The grumbling sound from her pits?

Next, imagine a soprano voice

The likes of Hayley Westenra

and Charlotte Church

Singing Pie Jesu

An adoration

Saving the world from damnation

This time, imagine a moaning sound

That came out from your own throat.

When was it when u gasp for breath

When he enters you from behind?

You see,

It's not the size of the boat,

but the motion of the ocean

Now, what if I will whisper that I love you

can you hear it?

Can you hear that you're the one that

I keep on thinking of


until it hurts

Like the pang when you're having a headache

Every pulse sends painful sensation of your absence

Every second is an encounter with hell

That restlessness,

a sugar-holic

Craving for that sweetness in you

Nibbling at your roof made out of chocolate

Tearing you down

Until you'll sing for me

Until I hear you say you also need me

An apothecary

Saving me from damnation

With your voice

With your moan

You'll ravish me

And strip me off from pain

You will get me from hell

Save me please

Save me

Do you still want to


Or maybe later..

Saturday, November 14, 2009

at the Gustavian's

just had coffee at Gustavian with russ.. 'twas around 5:30..
i love the feeling of mild sunshine on my back..

from web (follow me on twitter: tweet tweet!)

40 days more to go!

Gia: Let the countdown begin!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

Yes, she truly reigns.. her majesty's latest single.
I think McQueen has found his new muse..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I'm ovulating thoughts

Of you

In my mind

Germinating a secret loving

Of your hand

Touching mine

Massaging, stroking

Your temples

With body oils

Incense burning

With your thighs,

Licking your lips

Down to your hips

Quivering and scintillating

All through out your spine

Bone by bone, skin to skin

Filtering tremor signals

Of seismic waves

Thrusting yourself

Into my mine

An Idea of two bodies shaking

A repetitive motion

A pendulum

Swinging back and forth

Into endless time

Monday, November 09, 2009


One time Russ and I watched a theater play entitled: "cock tales"

It's an episodic play w/c narrates gay love stories. Just sorta kinda like the Vagina Monologue. I can still remember it, It was in Bantawan, I was 1st year college, I was 17, year 2002. And since it's a gay themed performance, gay (singles and couples) flocked on the intimate theater house of Crispin Ramos.

After the play I told him.. I wish I can be a part of this play (if there will be a re-stage).

but he simply quips that :

"u can't be part of it since u haven't any experience having a relationship with a guy".

I remained silent as I hadn't any official bf at that time. Although I got MUs, crushes, puppy love or whatever juvenile infatuation there is. Call it as a late bloomer but I had my first official bf at the age of 19. While walking absentmindedly, i saw a gay couple holding hands while walking at that time. it's my first ever exposure to what there is in an out-of-the-closet gay scene. they are so into each other and the hell they care about other people around them. I can only imagine myself what its gonna be my case when it's my time to shine.. (oh no, i'm turning so mushy and gay again).

Eventually as I've been there, done that and then back to being single again (after 7 years). The same old feeling washed over me as I see this couple HHWW along Fuente OsmeƱa).

I wish I can create an art exhibit for these stolen shots. u know, blow em up maybe 4'x4' or even bigger.. They are truly envious to look at. Sigh..

May their unison lasts..

(a bittersweet smile)

Saturday, November 07, 2009

a night with Coco and a night of being Coo Coo

Alliance Francais in cooperation with Zee mag presents COCO, exclusive film screening..
will watch it later tonight! Thanks Russ for the invites..
to Mecca, here we go again.. =)

the show is about to start..

i spotted beautiful beautiful people coming in.. but not as adorable and charming as
David and Mona's baby..

hi, I'll be your first paparazzi!

isn't he adorable?!

with eloise.. i think i got to see the picture of us together with russ from eloise.
her cam is THE REAL dslr, so its quite clear..
here, let me lead you:

click click

searing with pain..

so does mecca's arm..
oh no! we're already a pious member of the Alliance Francais

Bonsoir monsieur Lhuillier..

and now, presenting..
the other side of the event.
russ would like to introduce you his latest concoction:

Chanel N°.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000005

russ came up with this delicious fragrance meant to get you drunk!

so here's our upcoming endorser, Samantha

liyo: how do u like it?

Samantha: I lurv eht! it's quite mesmerizing i could feel my innards dancing..

in the other hand, Rachel read something that's quite qweird.. oh i mean
sensually weird..

...just right before her voice hole.
a confession from a gurl who plays guitar named slutty samantha..

so here's some good ol' lovin from Mecca and Samantha..

may peace be with yah gurls..
whatever conflicts between the two of you.

"make lurv" NOT "war"

When I say jump, you say how high
I ain’t never seen nobody,

how they get so high

Like a bird, like a plane
This party got me insane

This party got me insane
So jump jump jump jump

all the lurv in the world..

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