Sunday, November 01, 2009

anyway, gud day

Russ, Zeus and I went to Dumanjug to spend All Soul's day with our mentor: Sir Munds Fernandez. We are suppose to perform something but the bus ride that we took came
in rather too late. Good thing this mermaid welcomes us here in town. thanks for her
naked and cold shoulders though..

so we end up here by the shore. drinking beer and bathing under the pale moonlight.
(with us: Sir Munds , Mdm. Estela, Elias, Linya and Gin)

Russ and I then later puffing some cigarettes while whaling to Bjork's "the pleasure is all mine"

The pleasure is all mine
To get to be the generous one
Is the strongest stance
The pleasure is all mine

(wading, wading, wading..)

To finally let go
And defend me
We float

Who gives most
Who gives most
Who gives most

The pleasure is all mine
Women like us
We strengthen most

When in doubt...

When in doubt give

When in doubt give…

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