Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Let's play the sound game

I want you to cooperate

It's a matter of love and hate

Just a few minutes of your time

And hopefully you'll be mine

Now, I want you to imagine

A whaling sound

Of a little gurl, lost in the wood

Looking for food

Hear it?

The watery lips

The grumbling sound from her pits?

Next, imagine a soprano voice

The likes of Hayley Westenra

and Charlotte Church

Singing Pie Jesu

An adoration

Saving the world from damnation

This time, imagine a moaning sound

That came out from your own throat.

When was it when u gasp for breath

When he enters you from behind?

You see,

It's not the size of the boat,

but the motion of the ocean

Now, what if I will whisper that I love you

can you hear it?

Can you hear that you're the one that

I keep on thinking of


until it hurts

Like the pang when you're having a headache

Every pulse sends painful sensation of your absence

Every second is an encounter with hell

That restlessness,

a sugar-holic

Craving for that sweetness in you

Nibbling at your roof made out of chocolate

Tearing you down

Until you'll sing for me

Until I hear you say you also need me

An apothecary

Saving me from damnation

With your voice

With your moan

You'll ravish me

And strip me off from pain

You will get me from hell

Save me please

Save me

Do you still want to


Or maybe later..

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